Week 1: Sunday, June 10th - Thursday June 14th


  • At Mango Camp: we'll learn about the history of scouting, have outdoor adventures, learn scouting skills such as hiking, camping, cooking, signals, knots, navigation & directions during different times of the day, determining distances, heights, weights, volume, number, & time. We'll also focus on personal development including: making the most of yourself, getting along with others & teamwork development, and getting physically strong. Finally, we will learn trail following skills and do a collecting & making activity.
  • At Mango Camp: we will learn about CPR and First Aid.
  • At Mango Camp: learning rules about outdoor cooking, preparing bar-b-que meals, & making s'mores (roasting marshmallows).
  • Nestle Ice Cream Factory - we'll see the processes involved in making ice cream.
  • Wissa Waseff Center for handcrafts, tapestries, batik, & pottery.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll do weaving and stenciling on wood.
  • At Mango Camp: under the supervision of Dragon Academy Staff we'll learn Martial Arts & Self Defense.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll do collage making workshops and recycling projects.
  • At Mango Camp: we will learn about agriculture, planting, farm animals, & German Shepherd Dogs. We will also have donkey rides and cart rides.
  • At Mango Camp: we will have a computer workshop with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. In this workshop we'll learn about IT, how computers work, the history of the Internet, and different cartoon & animation design programs.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll host Fathet Kheir Workshop: Volunteers for Development - We'll do sewing, needlepoint, and crochet work.
  • At Mango Camp: El Bedaya: Empowerment through Education (NGO) - we'll make candles, cards, and various accessories.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll host guest speakers who will discuss topics such as country loyalty, sacrifice, punctuality, being brave, volunteer work, etc.
  • Trip to Magic Land - we'll watch the dolphin and seal shows, visit Dinosaur Island, and the open shooting area, and attractions such as bumper boats, river rafting, Traffic City, and Time Gate.
Price: LE 280 per participant (excluding ticket price to Magic Land).

Week 2: Sunday June 17th - Thursday June 21st

Cultures and Civilizations of the World:

  • Visit to the British Council, Egypt - we'll learn about its role in spreading British culture to Egyptian society.
  • Visit with the Japanese Embassy - we'll learn about Japanese culture and traditions such as their written language and origami paperwork.
  • Shahira Mehrez - Native Egyptian Crafts, Traditional Clothing, and other home accessories from Sinai, Siwa, & Upper Egypt.
  • El Fustat Pottery Center - demonstration & hands-on creations.
  • Wekalet El Ghoury - Traditional Arts & Crafts (brass, wood, kheyamia & patchwork, colored glass & gypsum).
  • Visit with the South African Embassy - we'll learn about the South African culture, traditional African arts & crafts such as hair-braiding, beadwork, henna tattoos, and more.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll learn about international etiquette and protocol, the Latin culture, traditional dances, Mexican pi?atas, the international art of pottery and candle making.
  • Visit with Chinese Cultural Center - we'll learn about the Chinese culture and ancient traditions and explore their economic development in today's world.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll have a computer workshop with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers. In this workshop we'll do a business skills development program through creative thinking and teamwork building.
  • Visit Beyti Dairy Products Factory - with our decreasing resources worldwide, how can we maximize their use? We'll learn how to protect and respect our environmental resources and materials and make the best of what we have.
  • Trip to the African Safari Park (On Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road).
Price: LE 280 per participant (excluding ticket price to African Safari Park).

Week 3: Sunday, June 24th - Thursday, June 28th

A Diverse Program for General Knowledge:

  • Visit with Unilever Mashreq Factory & Mr. Ahmed El Ayouty, Production Engineer. We'll observe the production lines of Unilever Mashreq who manufactures different soaps, washing powder, toothpaste, and personal products.
  • Visit with Azza Fahmy Jewlery Factory & Ms. Fatma Ghaly - we'll see traditional Egyptian jewelry designs as well as new innovative designs inspired from the traditional ones.
  • Visit with Eiffel Metal Art Factory & Mrs. Yasmine Farouk Fouad, interior designer. Here we will see the production of metal work for gates, furniture, chandeliers, and other home accessories.
  • Visit with Ms. Soha El Tabaakh and Mr. Hatem El Tabaakh, engineer from Misr Spain Company for Blankets & Textiles.
  • Visit with Carine Haddad & Jessica Haddad from L'Agence Commerciale, For Manufacturing, Export & Import (Fouad Haddad Sons). L'Agence Commerciale is Egypt's leading company for importing children's indoor and outdoor toys and playground equipment from the United States. We'll see the latest technology in children's toys and equipment.
  • Meet with Ahmed Ashour from Amira wallpaper Factory. We'll also be meeting with El Sewedy Cables Factory. We'll see the different sections in these factories that are critical to our world today.
  • At Mango Camp: Al Karma Edutainment - we'll meet with architect and illustrator Hassan Ahmed Ismail who will explain the different stages a book passes through before its final publication. Al Karma Edutainment was established with the goal of producing Alam Simsim, the Egyptian co-production of Sesame Street.
  • At Mango Camp: meet with Haytham Ahmed Zaki, artist, who will share with us his experience in acting and his current status as a leading actor.
  • At Mango Camp: meet with Mr. Moustafa Ashraf Fahmy, movie photography director, who will share with his experience and skills working in movie photography.
  • At Mango Camp: meet with Dr. Dina El Sharkawy, Adjunct of Dermatology at Cairo University. She will talk to us about body and skin health care.
  • Trip to Dream Park.
Price: LE 280 per participant (excluding ticket price to Dream Park).

Week 4: Sunday, July 1st - Thursday, July 5th

Hobbies & Sports:

  • At Mango Camp: enjoy basketball, volleyball, *Optional* horseback riding.
  • At Mango Camp: learn about and practice different musical instruments including the organ, violin, guitar, etc. We will also have fun making musical instruments from a paper-art workshop.
  • *Optional Visit* to Bandar 2005 - we'll go bowling, play billiards, and see a movie at the cinema. *Optional* eat lunch at one of restaurants at the center.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll learn about traditional hand-blown glass coloring. We will host Avio Hobby Center, who will introduce a hobby of building and flying model aircrafts which involves engineering, physical, creative & art skills.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll learn about yoga, magic games, juggling, and have a face painting competition.
  • At Mango Camp: welcome guest speakers who will discuss our health and taking care of our bodies.
  • Visit to Bibliotheca Alexandria - considered an extension to the Library that was established by Egypt's rulers in the year 288 B.C. While there, we will have a guided tour of the Library, the Antiquities Museum, the Transcripts Museum, the Planetarium, the Shady Abdel Salam Museum, Impressions of the Alexandria Museum, watch the Culturarma Show, and visit the Discovery Zone.
  • Visit the Sawary Column - an Alexandria symbol which dates back to the 4th century A.C. It's the longest column in the world made from red granite.
  • Visit the Catacombs - which date back to the 3rd century A.C. Its walls have the most unique designs combining elements of Pharonic, Greek, and Roman art.
  • Visit to City Club - we'll play different sports including swimming, football, etc.
  • *Optional Trip* to Disney on Ice - attend a musical ice show.
Price: LE 280 per participant (excluding ticket price for Disney on Ice).

Week 5: Sunday, July 8th - Thursday, July 12th

Know your Country Egypt and Protect it - South Sinai Governorate (Sharm El Sheikh)

  • Jolie Ville Movenpick Resort & Casino - triple rooms with breakfast.
  • Through this program we will try to spread the knowledge of taking care of the Egyptian environment such as the land, the seas, and the people who live in the remote areas of Egypt. We'll gain insight on how to keep the rich customs and traditions of these people alive. We'll learn about Egypt's natural and touristic treasures, some of which are endangered, and how to protect them for future generations.
  • Day 1: Depart 7:30am from Cairo, arrival to Sharm El Sheikh & check-in to Jolie Ville Movenpick Resort & Casino. Spend day in Namma Bay under Hat-Hoor Staff supervision.
  • Day 2: Morning at Hotel pool & beach area, utilize different sport facilities. Evening at Namma Bay for various recreational activities. Evening *Optional trip* to El Fanar Center which includes a snorkeling center, restaurant, theater, and an art gallery. This is the only natural outlet to the sea. We will listen to a speaker who will tell us about the Red Sea treasures and how to care for them.
  • Day 3: *Optional trip* to Nabiq, the largest costal reservation on the Akaba Gulf. Its area is more than 600 square km, and has the highest growth of the rare Mangrove trees, that help with the environmental balance. There are clusters of rich beautiful corals, over 135 species of plants, rare gazelle. We can watch the Bedouin groups perform the touristic services on the reservation - food services for visitor centers, provide camels to move into harsh mountain areas, and operate tents to attract tourism to the region. Evening at Namma Bay to enjoy various recreational activities.
  • Day 4: Morning at Hotel pool & beach area, utilize different sport facilities. Evening - complimentary visit to Il Mercato, Sharm El Sheikh with 1 km of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment in the area. Enjoy a free group dinner at one of the prestigious restaurants located inside.
  • Day 5: Depart early morning to visit St. Catherine's Monastery, one of the oldest in the world. See the timeless treasures such as famous icons, the church, the Hanging Tree, Moses Well, and the museum. Arrival in Cairo around 8:00pm.
Price: LE 950 per participant.

**Deposit of LE 300 per person required As Soon As Possible**

Week 6: Sunday, July 15th - Thursday, July 19th

Be Proud of your Country Egypt - Learn about its History:

  • Visit the Egyptian Museum & the Pharonic Village.
  • At Mango Camp: we'll learn about different perfumes, hand-blown perfume bottles, Arabic calligraphy, Hieroglyphic writing, mosaics, & colored sand bottles.
  • Visit to Babylon Fort.
  • Visit to the Coptic Museum.
  • Visit to the Hanging Church.
  • Visit to Abou Serga Church.
  • Visit to Santa Barbara Church.
  • Visit to Amru Bin El As Mosque.
  • Visit to Ahmed Bin Touloun Mosque.
  • Visit to the Gayer Anderson Museum.
  • Visit to Sultan Hassan Mosque.
  • Visit to El Refaye Mosque.
  • Visit to the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace.
  • Visit to the Abidin Palace Museum.
Price: LE 280 per participant.

Week 7: Sunday, July 22nd - Thursday, July 26th

Industries & Life:

  • Visit the Juhayna Factory - see how their dairy products & juices are made.
  • Visit the Mass Food Factory (Temmy's Corn Flakes & Temmy's Cereal Bar) - see how their products are made.
  • Visit to the Modern Bakeries Factory (Rich Bake) - for producing European and Arab baked goods.
  • At Mango Camp - we'll learn about healthy food choices for snacks & drinks.
  • Visit the Cadbury Factory - see how your favorite chocolates & sweets are made.
  • Visit the Halwani Brothers Factory - see how different lunch meats & cold-cuts are made. Also see how tahina, halawa, jam, molasses, juice, cookies, and various frozen foods are made and stored.
  • Visit the Farm Frites Factory - see how potatoes are turned into French fries, and how vegetables are frozen for later use.
  • At Mango Camp - we'll learn how to make French fries, hamburgers, fruit jams, and handmade chocolates. This day we will also do different games & competitions with prizes for the winners.
  • Trip to Aqua Park.
Price: LE 280 per participant (excluding ticket price to Aqua Park).

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